Ja jūs esat čakla saimniece un protat šūt, tad, visticamāk, parasti jūs izmantojat savas prasmes apģērba labošanā – piešujat notrūkušo pogu vai piešujat kādu apģērba elementu pēc vajadzības.

Taču trīs bērnu māte Sāra Tjao nolēma rīkoties radikālāk, jo viņa māk pārvērst jebkuras nevalkājamas drēbes par skaistu, modernu apģērbu vai elementu, ko diemžēl nekad nenopirksim veikalā. Sāra ir spējīga transformēt jebkuru apģērbu – sākot no kāzu kleitas, beidzot ar vilnas mēteli. Un šīs izmaiņas ir tik atšķirīgas, ka brīžiem šķiet, it kā tas ir pavisam cits materiāls un viņa mūs apmānījusi.

Skatieties paši!

✨I need your opinion!✨ Two years ago, I attended a blogger event at our new local thrift store where we all got to pick out an item to upcycle, to be entered into a competition. As I was rummaging through the dress section, as soon as I lifted this dress out of the rack and looked at it, I had a vision of the after and knew this was to be the one. It takes me about 5-15 seconds before I have a vision of the "after" and very rarely does my mind change from that vision. But this one, I initially envisioned the lace to be around the v-neck but I changed my mind to have the lace be on the sleeves instead(the lace is recycled from the giant white collar). Do you like where the lace ended up? Thankfully, the thrift store thought so and I won 1st place in the competition. And I held a monthly class there where people could bring me their outdated clothes and pick my brain on ways to refashion and I demonstrated some of my refashions as well. It was so fun! . . This idea literally just came to me, like literally after posting this photo and writing the above caption, but I'm thinking about adding a new series on my new YouTube channel called "Refashion Revision"(I literally just thought of the name too, do you want me to say "literally" one more time?) where I go shopping at the thrift store and I have someone else pick out several items and then surprise me with it, and it'll show me seeing the items for the first time and then sharing my vision for the after, impromptu style. I wouldn't see the clothing item before I video it, it'll totally be raw, right-then-and-there ideas of my vision of how I'd refashion it. Good idea? Bad idea? Would you watch it? #sarahsDIY

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🎉 Here's to my 10th video uploaded on YouTube(which I started sewing at 8:30 pm, the night before the video was due😅), getting 52,905 minutes of watch time in the last 30 days = 1764 minutes daily = 29.4 hours watched daily, and almost 2,000 subscribers since launching my channel a little over a month ago! I've been blown away by all your comments, views, subscribes and support! Thank you so much.❤️ . . Who is happy I went with this peplum skirt(option 2) and which of you wished I did the suspended skirt(option 1) from my post 2 posts back? This skirt looks so much cuter in person, I wish you could all see it! It's a very high quality, thicker fabric and looks really elegant. I didn't realize this video is cropped, sorry you can't read the instructions!😅 So watch the full, detailed tutorial with instructions on my YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/sarahtyau or link in bio! #sarahsDIY #memadeeveryday #grainlinestudio #miymarch17 #sewphotohop

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You guys loved my XL men's shirt into a girls dress so here's another one! A XL men's shirt ➡️ girls crop top + skirt. I turned the fabric around and had the buttons in the back of the crop top & the skirt, and the pleats in the front of the top. Not pictured but I also made a headband using the collar, the collar just happened to be the same exact circumference as my girl's head! See the tutorial at www.ourlifeisbeautiful.com ➡️ click on Refashion Runway _____________________________________________________________ • My weekly sewing series will launch this Thursday 2 p.m! Until I get enough content for the mother/daughter series, I'll be showing you my refashions and Thrift Revision episodes. I'm so humbled and grateful that I haven't even officially launched my channel yet and I have over 600+ subscribers, thank you so much, it means so much to me! If you haven't subscribed, I'd love for you to at www.youtube.com/sarahtyau or link in bio. . . . • I'll be speaking at @saltldsretreat on a topic "When You Don't Like Being a Mom" in March. Have any of you bought tickets? I hope to see some of you there! #sarahsDIY

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This week has been my lucky week, I've been featured in 3 big sites, the first is by Make and Takes FB group with almost 1/2 million followers for this $10 @target clearance-find XL men's shirt ➡️ Girl's shirtdress. So honored to be featured, they posted this at 2 am and it still received over 316 shares. Thank you so much!❤️ See the tutorial on the blog, direct link in profile or http://www.ourlifeisbeautiful.com/2014/10/diy-mens-xl-shirt-into-little-girls.html _____________________________________________________________ A question for you, I want to giveaway a "Seamstress Starter Kit" for the launch of my YT channel with everything you'd need to get started in sewing and what item do you wish you had/glad you had when you started sewing? A favorite brand of scissors? A cutting mat? I'd love to get ideas for my giveaway! #sarahsDIY

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